Noctule Bat (Nyctalus noctula)

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Wingspan to 14 " (36cm) Head and Body 3 " ( 7.5cm).

Average weight 18-40 g.


This species of Bat prefer open habitats and rivers or lakes , (much less agil flier ). More likely to be found in lowland areas and those with old forests, rivers and marshland. Not a common bat in urban areas or cities

Identification & Features

The fur on the back or Dorsal fur is golden or reddish-brown. The underside or Ventral fur is paler and duller. Young Bats are darker and duller than adults.
If disturbed during torpor may fake death. This species gives off a musky smell if irritated.
Noctules have a post-calcarial lobe and a mushroom-shaped tragus. They can be distinguished from Leisler's bats by the length of the forearm. The forearm of noctule bats is longer than 47mm.
Adult males have a long, slender penis.


These bats mate from August through to October. Male and female bats can store sperm for up to seven months without the sperm losing their fertilising capacity Gestation period is 70-73 days . A single bat is born around June or July The maximum age of this bat recorded in Europe is 12 years