Bank Vole (Clethrionmys glareolus)

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Size To 3 1/2 "(90 mm) Head and Body 2 3/8 " (60mm) Tail

Identification & Description

This is the smallest of British Voles , Has a redderchestnut coat and more obvious ears with a blunt nose and short hairy tail which is longer than the Field Vole. The coat is redder than the Field Vole.


Live inDeciduous Woods and Scrub especially along banks and hedgegrows where it feeds on Berries such as Haws and Rosehips , Seeds and other herbage.It also feeds on Insects, Snail It seems to be particular fond oif Turnip. It further differs form other Voles in so much as the Molars become rooted in the jaw of the adult

Lives in a chamber often built under roots. It has several litters of 3-6 blind and naked offspring in a nest often located above ground. composed of grass, moss wool or feathers