Anabolia nervosa Caddis Fly

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Classification Family: Trichoptera Limnephilidae

Length . 11 to 15 mm

Phenology Late July to October.

Identification A plain brown caddis, but with two distinct small pale spots near the margin of the forewing..The larva is easily recognizable by the yellow head with striking stain pattern and the construction of the tube.Like for all the Limnephilidae family members, the 4th apical cell is not present in the wings

Life Cycle Larval case is built of sand grains. Small sticks are then attached to the case and this prevents Trout from swallowing it. The larvae feed on algae and small insects.A.nervosa is a typical autumn sedge that hatches till November. Larva lives in streams or ponds and is a shredder, feeding on terrestrial leaf litter and submerged vegetation.

Habitat They can be found during the day between riparian plants running or standing water, preferably with a sandy bottom.


Trichoptera 11911


Trichoptera 11918


Trichoptera 11914




Trichoptera 11910