Lycoperdon pyriforme Stump Puffball



Cap 1.5 to 4cm across and 3 to 4cm tall, the pestle-shaped to pear-shaped fruitbody of the Stump Puffball is at first covered in short pyramidal warts. White intially , the skin turns brown and a dark area develops at the apex, which ultimately opens to release the spores. Fruitbody is attached to the substrate - usually the stump, half-buried rotting branches or roots of a dead tree - by f long, white mycelial filaments extending deep into the substrate.

Stem The short, spongy stem is usually more or less parallel or slightly conical tapering in towards a truncated base; it contains infertile material that remains white even when the gleba in the 'head' of the fungus has matured and turned dark olive-brown.

SporesRound or subglobose, smooth, 3.5-4µm in diameter.

Spore massOlive-brown, eventually becoming dark brown when fully mature.

Odour / Taste Unpleasant gas-like odour; taste not distinctive.