Zander ( Stizostedium luciopercum)

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Family Perch Percidae


24 " ( 60 cm )


Pike Perch


A fearsome fish with two dorsal fins looks similar to the Pike and the Perch , hence its alternate name the Pike Perch. Body Grey Green or Brown on the back. The first dorsal fin like the Perch is high and spiny. It has a wide mouth with fangs and small teeth


A predating fish which lives on a wide variety of smaller fish


Lowland rivers and lakes mainly in East Anglia. It is a member of the Perch family introduced from Eastern Europe circa 1978 from Woburn Abbey


A female can lay up to two million egge when spawning occurs between April to June. Larvae hatch from yellow eggs after about a week.

 By eLNuko (Own work (own photo)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons