Whirligig Beetle (Gyrinus natator)

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Size 1/4 " (6 mm)

This Family ( Gyrindae) contain a nuumer of species Eg Gyrinus marinus , Hairy Whirligig ( Orectochilus villosus)

These small Beetels are found often together on ponds and slow moving water. They are obvious by their gyrating swimming motion swimming rapidly round in circles . They dive rapidly when alarmed They like the Pond Skater scavenge insects that fall into the surface of the water . The lower part of the eyes of this Beetle are specially adapted for vision in water . Found throughout the UK March to October

The Hairy Whirligig ( Orectochilus villosus) ilives in running waterand hides by day. It gyrates on the water surface at night. The eggs are laid on roots of water plantsand the larva live amongst the gravel and stones in shallow water

 By Edmund Reitter (1845-1920): "Fauna Germanica: Die Käfer des deutschen Reiches" 1909. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons