Tench (Tinca tinca)

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Family Carp Cyprinidae


24 " (60 cm )


The Tench is a sturdily built fish with small scales embedded in it's olive green body. It's eyes are small and it has two barbules, one either side of it's mouth. The female of the species has larger ventral fins to that of the male. Colour variations of the Tench can often be found in ponds, usually gold in colour and with a variety of markings, where they have been stocked for ornamental purposes. " Golden Tench " Tench are an nocturnal fish.


The Tench can be found in most stillwaters, canals and even rivers and can manage to survive in poorly oxygenated conditions where other fish would not. Itmay hibernate in the mud if winters are severe


Mainly insects , worms , crustaceans, pond snails and plants. It is a bottom dwelling fish feeding on crustaceans, larvae and bloodworms and is generally found in small shoals. A feeding fish often releases a stream of tiny bubbles that can be seen on the surface.


Normally spawn July - August dpending on water temperature


By Karelj (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons