Roach (Rutilus rutilus )

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Family Carp Cyprinidae


24 " ( 60 cm )


The Roach is a member of the Carp family. It has one Dorsal Fin, with relatively large scales firmly embedded in it's skin. It has a dark brown or grey back with a bluish or greenish lustre, silvery white sides and a white belly. The ventral fins are orange like the Rudd but the silver scales readily distinguish


It feeds on crustaceans, snails aquatic plants and detritus.


The Roach is one of the commonest fish in UK waters and can be found in stillwaters, canals and rivers,The Roach is generally found living in shoals and often feeds at all levels. Most commonly caught fish by anglers


Spawns April to May in shallow water the eggs attached to plants and stones.It may interbreed with Rudd and Bream making it difficult to identify

 By Scardinius_: George Chernilevsky talk (Scardinius_erythropthalmus1_resize.jpg) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 or GFDL], from Wikimedia Commons