Perch (Perca fluviatiliis)

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Family Perch Percidae


Up to 20 " ( 50 cm )


The Perch has two dorsal fins, the first dorsal fin being spined and having a conspicuous black spot to the rear The Perch with it's colours ( greyish olive green on the back ) and markings (darker diffuse bars on its flanks ) easily camouflages itself into it's surroundings, weed beds, sunken branches and tree roots. The lower fins and sometimes the tail tip are tinged with red .These colours and markings are less distinguishable in older specimens who tend to favour deep water and solitude, their colouring being darker and the markings indistinct.


A predator, the Perch hunts in packs often chasing small fish in the shallows, herding them towards other Perch until finally their prey are surrounded whereupon the pack embarks on a feeding frenzy.


The Perch can be found in most waters throughout the UK.


Spawning is April - May Jelly like ribbons can be found twined around water plants. Fry hatch in 18 days taking no food uo to the age of 14 days.