Gudgeon Gobio gobio

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Family Carp Cyprinidae

Size 8 " (20 cm)


On either side of it's mouth there is a short, single barbule, ie has 2 barvels , it's throat is scaleless. It's back is brown, greyish brown or green with silvery or yellow sides adorned with a row of six to twelve large, dark spots. The fish has a flattish underside enbaling it to settle on the bottom. The Gudgeon prefers a clean, gravel bed and is nearly always found in large shoals. A sturdy fish, the Gudgeon has a relatively short lifespan of around five years and can reach a length of 20cms although 10 - 12cms is the norm.


The Gudgeon can be found in stillwaters, canals and rivers feeding on bottom dwelling organisms such as midge, caddis-fly and may-fly larvae.


Spawning is between May and July

 By Michal Manas (User:snek01) (Own work) [CC BY 2.5], via Wikimedia Commons