Eel (Anguilla anguilla)

Family Eel Angullidae


36 " ( 100 cm )


Femals larger than the males . Lower jaw projecting. , Dorsal , Tail and Anal fins joined . Mainly Nocturnal can travel some distance over land


Crustaceans , insects and larvae Fish carrion


Rivers and coastal waters


Migrates to the Western Atalntic (Sargossa Sea nr West Indis ) where it spawns at depths of 400 m and 17 o C in . The eel then die and the yound larvae are carried by the North Atantic Gulf Stream . At 2 years they measure 7.5 cm ,at 3 years they take on the form known as elvers and will invade rivers. Females develop in rivers , males at the the river mouth.Male matures at 9 nd fenale at 12 years