Crucian Carp (Carassius carassiuss)

Family Carp Cyprinidae


Up to 20 " ( 50 cm )


The Crucian Carp whilst of the same family as the Common Carp is different in that it doesn't have barbules and rarely reaches a weight above 1.5 kg. Crucian Carp pure bred have olive gren or reddish brown back . The Crucian Carp can be distinguished from it's relative, the Goldfish, by it's colour being dark brownish across the back , golden or greyish green sides and a yellowish or white belly. Also the dorsal fin which is convex on the Crucian where as on the Goldfish, tends to be more concave. The leading hard ray of the dorsal fin has around 30 small barbs compared to the Goldfish's 10 - 15.Crucian Carp when kept in the same pond as it's larger relatives can and often interbreed with the Common, Mirror or Leather Carp which in turn can present with some confusion to the fishes identity,


The Crucian is mainly a bottom feeder although it can be found feeding at all levels and often picking from the surface during sunny days. It's main diet is zooplankton, fauna and water plants.



It is generally found in ponds and lakes where it has the distinct advantage over many species in that it can survive in poor water quality with little oxygen and high levels of other gases whereupon other species would not.


It spawns May to July