Chub (Leuciscus cephalus)

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Family Carp Cyprinidae

Size 24 " ( 60 cm )


Dish with one dorsal fin. Silvey dark edged scalesThe Chub can be distinguished from it's relation the Dace, by it's convex anal fin and the arrangement of it's pharyngeal teeth. It has a long, cylindrical, streamlined body with grey or black bordered scales. It's back is greyish brown in colour, tinged with green, it's sides are lighter and often golden blending into a white belly.The Ventral fins are orange tipped. The Chub is predatory and tends to live together in shoals, larger specimens tending to become solitary. Eyes Yellow


It is large mouthed and omnivorous. The staple diet of the young fish are small invertabrates; older Chub also feed on small fish, insects, small crayfish, fruit and berries.

Similar to dace but appreciably larger when mature. Has plumper-looking body, often with golden hue; anal fin rounded rather than concave as in dace.


Mainly in slow flowing Rivers Common in rivers in England and S Scotland but scarce in Wales and absent from Ireland.The Chub can be found in most of the UK's rivers and more recently in stillwaters where it is being stocked.The Chub can often be found under overhanging trees and bushes also on gravel beds where it can be occasionally seen feeding in a river's current.

 By Karelj (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons