Char (Salvelinis alpinis)

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10 - 12 " ( 25 - 30 cm )


Has two Dorsal Fins. The flanks have red and white spots . Distinct Orange Bellly on the male at tyhe time of spawning. Char vary according to the waters is which they are found theWindemere Char are large whilst the Char of Llyn Padar in Snowdonia are named after the the sitinctive red belly " Torgoch " Reach maturity in 5 yrs.The female is duller with a smaller head.


The Char is a fish of cold deep lakes , likely in the headwaters of upland areas such as the Lake Distric ( Windemere ). It is asurvivor of the ice age and is still found in Arctic Waters


Feed mainly on small crustaceans


Image with thanks Saibling via Wki Commons SA