Barbel (Barbus barbus)

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Family Carp Cyprinidae

Size 36 " ( 90 cm)


It has one Dorsal Fin on the Back. The fish has 4 fleshy filaments or Barbels around its mouth hence the name and has distinctive thick lips .The This fish has a long round body , colouration is variable but usually green - brown on the dorsal side with golden yellow flanks . The ventral fins have a reddih tinge


Insect larvae , Crustaceans , Molluscs and Worms. The streamlined fish hugs the river bed in fast flows while feeding on invertebrates. Freshwater shrimps, nymphs and caddis larvae are their staple diet, but they will also take small fishes, crayfish and swan mussels.


Clear fast flowing rivers with a stony or sandy bottom, weed,


Spawns May - July in water 14-20°C, Gravel, typically 10-40mm diameter

 By Neil Phillips from uk (barbel) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons