Meliscaeva auricollis

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Classification Order: Diptera – true flies Family: Syrphidia

Length .

Phenology A long Window.February to December. One of the first hoverflies o emerge in Early spring. A warm day, even in January or February, can bring it out of hibernation.


Slanting rear border of the yellow crescent marks on tergite 2, particularly in males, help to identify the species.Spring emergents are darker than those found later in the year

Life Cycle

Larvae are known to be associated with aphid colonies on shrubs such as Barberry and Broom and on the flowers and stems of umbellifers. The adult hibernates. They have also been found with the psyllid Psylla alni on Alnus glutinosa.

HabitatWell-wooded places usually found around trees

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