Dotted Bee Fly - Bombylius discolor

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Classification Order: Diptera – true flies Family: Bombyliidae




A species with spotted wings an darker chestnut plus black appearance in the field. Females also have a line of white spots down the midline of the abdomen. Larger females of this species can be much larger size than B. major.

Key Features

Spotted Wings
Single wng Pair typical of Diptera
Long Extended proboscis for nectaring
Dotted WingsFemales with rows of white sdots on the abdomen


Life Cycle Like the related species The larvae are parasitoids of spring-flying mining bees, especially Andrena flavipes and A. cineraria which both form dense nesting aggregations. Like A. flavipes its number are increasing further South and migrating Northwars to thye Midlands


Habitat This species shows a liking to low flower vegetation such as Ground-ivy flowers and is often conspiuous by its loud buxxing actibity



Dotted Bee Fly - Bombylius discolor 13-05-16