Marbled White (Melanargia galathea )

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Wingspan: 2 1/8 "( 54 mm)

In spite of its colouring - Black and Grey this butterfly belongs to the Brown Family . Females are usually larger then the males , with slightly broader forewings .Some colonies of Marbled Whites can be very large . They are found in uninterupted grassland and woodland rides. The female lays eggs on the wing landing among grasses such as Red Fescue .The Marbled White occurs in southern Britain as far north as Yorkshire and has been spreading northwards. All the same, the discovery of a small colony at Witherslack in south Cumbria in 2000 was a surprise and it is assumed the butterflies had been introduced. A single adult was again seen in 2002 but no subsequent reports have been received. This species is found in unimproved grassland, particularly on chalk or limestone soils.