Yellow Wagtail (Motacilla Flava )

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What Does It look like ?

Tail shorter than in the pied wagtail head Yellow , Upper parts Olive Green , under parts Sulphur Yellow.Winter plumage and Females and will be paler . A ground dweller , fkicking and walking its tail, sometimes sings in undulating flight typical of wagtails

How Big Is It ?

Aprox 16.5 cm , weighing18 g

Where does it live?

Cattle pasture , Bogs and Heaths

Where to see it

In Britain April to September

What does it eat?

What does it sound like?


When does it Breed ?

April to July , 5- 6 eggs, Incubation 13 days , young fledging at 11 to 13 days, 1 -2 Broods per year. Nests on the Ground.

When to see it

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