Yellow Hammer ( Emberiza citrinella )

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What Does The Yelow Hammer look Like ?

Head and underparts bright lemon yellow, underparts benath more browny yellowy, streaked dark brown. Rump cinamon brown colour. Searches for food on the ground may be obderved flicking its tail on psots or in samll flocks in winter.

How Big Is It ?

Aprox 16.5 cm , weighing 30 g

Where does it live?

Open farmland , railway embankments , copses , Plantations.

Where to see it

What does it eat?

Green Plant material, Seeds , Insects

What does it sound like?

When does it Breed ?

April to July , 3 - 5 eggs, Incubation 12 - 13 days , young fledging at 11 to 14 days, Double Brooded . A nest which is cup shaped low in vegetation.

When to see it

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