Wryneck (Jynx torquilla)

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How Big Is the Wryneck ?

Aprox 16.5 cm, 35 g

What does the Wryneck look like ?

The Wryneck is aSmall slim member of the Woodpecker family , plumage bark coloured with whiter underparts with dark brown barring. Sexes similar. Feet like the woodpeckers two toes directed forward and two directed back. Does not climb but seeks food on the ground


Where does it live?

Open deciduous woodland , orchards parks and river valleys

Where to see it

Not common in the UK

What does it eat?

Mainly ants , and ant pupae and other insectrs which it gathers with its ling sticky wood pecker like tongue

What does it sound like?

Both sexes sing in a monotonous " gyegyegye " biuilding to a peak. Warning call near to the nest a " tetete"

When Does theWryneck breed?

May - July, 7 -11 eggs, incubation 12 - 14 days , young fledge at 20 - 22 days , 1 -2 Broods . A hole nester , and late arriver from its overwintering in Africa , ejects material from occuopied nest holes

When to see it

April to October , now a rare event.

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