Wood Pigeon ( Columba palumbus)

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What Does The Wood Pigeon Look Like ?

The white patches on the side of the neck on this large, grey bird , which has a pink breast, a white bar on its wings, a white neck flash and a dark band on its tail. make it distict A Common in British Bird it can also be recognised by its long , soft ‘coo-coo-coo-cu-coo’. Its wings make a soft loud clattering when it takes-off.

The nests of Woodpigeons are built as twiggy platform nests in bushes or.trees The female lays two white eggs, both parents take turns to incubate. Initially for the first few days, chicks are fed on crop milk. If food is available woodpigeons can raise up to two or even three broods.

How Big Is It ?

Aprox 41 cm, 500 g

What does it eat?

Flowers, young leaves, seeds, grasses, grain and berries. They occasionally eat invertebrates. Farmers consider them pests because they eat crops.

When will I see it?

All year round


What Does it Sound Like

Click on the link to hear the Woodpidgeon

When does it Breed ?

March to September , 2 eggs, Incubation 16 - 17 days , young fledging at 28 to 249days, 2-3 Broods per Year . A tree Nester

Where will I see it?

Throughout the garden: in the meadow and woodland areas, the hedge, the shrubs, the bird bath, on the lawn, foraging beneath the birdtable and drinking from the pond. Also parks, woodlands, fields, heaths, hedgerows and towns.