Water Rail (Rallus aquaticus)

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28 cm 120 g


A slim bird , with long red beak and reddish legs.Upper parts dark brown with black streaking. Sides of head and underparts slate grey. Under tail coverts gleaming white, flanks are a barred black and white, usually found hidden in dense waterside vegetation , will flee from danger if disturbed.

The birds long legs and toes , together with its narrow body make it well suited towalking on and slipping between dense aquatic vegetation.


Aquatic Insects, Worms , Tadpoles, Frogs.


Dense reed bed , ditches near waterside vegetation,

What does the Water Rail Sound Like ?

Very noisy pig like " kriuh kruih kruih" or "gip gip gip" , growling and rasping noise.

When Does the Water Rail Breed ?

April to July, 7 - 10 eggs , incubation 19 -20 days, young fledge in 3 - 4 weeks . Nests on dense waterside vegetation