Tree Pippit (Anthus trivialis)

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15 cm / 22 g

Upper parts pale brown , weakly streaked , underside pale cream , breast yellowish brown with dark streaking.

Where does it live?

Open countryside with trees woodland margins and clearings

Where to see it

What does it eat?

Mainly Insects

What does it sound like?

Sings from Tree Tops and in Flight usually returning to same perch Song a long twittering and warbling with trills and whistling figures like " Tsiatsia tsai tsai " uiui ui ui ". Call a high hoarse " Psieh " Alarm " Tsipp tsipp "

When Does the Curlew Breed ?

May to July, 4 - 6 eggs , incubation 12 -13 days, young fledge at 12 - 14 days . 1- 2 Broods. Nests on ground

When to see it

In Britain April - September

Similar species

Meadow Pippit