Song Thrush ( Turdus philomelos)

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What does theSong Thrush Look Like ?

Upper part dark brown with underparts white with dense brown spots. Familiar and popular garden songbird whose numbers are declining seriously, especially on farmland making it a Red List species. Smaller and browner than a mistle thrush with smaller spotting. Its habit of repeating song phrases distinguish it from singing blackbirds.Familar habit of breaking snails by smashing against an anvil stone with a flick of the head

How Big Is The Song Thrush ?

Aprox 23 cm, weighing 70 g

Where does it live?

Deciduous and coniferous woodland, hedgerows and bushes. Readily breeds in gardens with suitable cover.
Similar to breeding habitats.

When does it Breed ?

March to July , 3 - 6 eggs, Incubation 12 - 13 days , young fledging at 14 days, Double Brooded Nests in Trees and Bushes.

Where to see it

Woods, hedgerows, parks and gardens across the UK - wherever there are bushes and trees.

What does it eat?

Worms, snails and fruit.

What does it sound like?

A song of simple repeated phrases; call a soft 'tsip'

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When to see it

All year round.

Similar species

Mistle thrush, Redwing