Siskin Carduella spinus

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What does the Siskin Look like ?The Siskin is a small yellow green finch, with a black crown which is about the size of a Blue Tit > Wings are black with aYellow Green bar. Female Grey Green Crown with greyer underparts.The Siskin, particularly the female, is often confused with the Greenfinch, but the latter are bigger and lack the dark streaks.

The Siskin is generally green and yellow with a dark streaked belly and striking yellow wing bars. The male has a black cap and bib, and bright yellow cheeks. The female does not have a black crown or bib and is more heavily streaked.

Juveniles have browner upperparts and are even more heavily streaked.

How Big Is The Siskin ?Aprox 12 cm, weighing 12 g

Where does it live?Woods Spruce and parkland up to 1800 m

Where to observe it ?throughout Britain Jan - Dec

When does it Breed ?April to July , 4 - 6 eggs, Incubation 12 - 13 days , young fledging at 13 to 15 days, Double Brooded Suspended nests in Trees.

What is its food ?Seeds of composites , Conifers, Alder, Birch. Insects

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