Sandwich Tern (Sterna sandivecensis)

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41 cm 250 g


Slender black bill with an yellow tip, legs black , with a black crest on the head oin postr breeding plumage tail does not extend beyond closed wings . In winter forehead white. Yound with a scaly brown head and upperparts. A sociable bird , flight very elgant , diving for food.

What does the Sandwich Tern Sound Like ?

Loud "kirik" and "kric" , " krikrikri "


Small fish , crustaceans , worms.


Sand or shingle beaches on the sea coast or flat rocky coasts

When Does the Sandwich Tern Breed ?

May - July , 1 - 2 eggs , incubation 22 -26 days, young fledge in about 30 days . Colonial breeder , nesting on the ground.