Redshank (Tringa totanus)

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Size28 cm 128 g

What does the Redshank LooK Like ?Medium sized wader with long orange red legs, bill black with red base . Upper parts grey brown , spotted darker. Underparts dirty white spotted dark brown. tail barred black and white . Non breeding plumage paler and less spotted. In flight broad white trailimng edge to wing , rump and lower back white. Sexes similar


What is the Redshanks Habitat?Wet meadows , moorlands, brackish waters, marshes , outside the breeding season coastal flats

When does it Breed ?April to June, 4 eggs, Incubation 22 - 25 days , young fledge around at 25 days, . Nests on the ground.

What is the Redshanks Diet ?Insects earthworms small frogs ,Tadpoles

What does it sound like?Melodious piping "diu-u "or "diu-u-u ", piercing " gyib gyib ". Yodelling song

When to see it