Red Kite (Milvus milvus)

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61 cm 900 - 1200 g

What does it Look Like

The identification features , it is much larger than the Buzzard are deeply forked rusty tail with a grey head Sexes very similar. Flight buoyant flapping like gull glides for long periods with angled upturned wings

Where does it live?

Old deciduous woodland

Where to see it

What does it eat?

Rodents , Birds Carrion

What does it sound like?

Call a wailing " hie hii hii hii hie "


March to June, 4 eggs , incubation 28 - 32 days, young fledge at 45 - 50 days . Nest in trees



When to see it

It is in Britain throughout the year Jan - December

Similar species


This bird is protected please respect its existance