Raven (Corvus corax)

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64 cm 1.25 kg


Very similar to the Carrion Crow but distinctly larger with a very powerful bill. Plumage jet black with a blue gloss . sexes are similar. Often soars ; and during flight can perform erobatics

In flight, it shows a wedged -shaped tail and a longer neck . It breeds mainly in the west and north only. Most birds are residents, but some birds, especially non-breeders and young birds wander from their breeding areas but do not travel far.

What does the Raven Sound Like ?

In flight a sonorous " krok" , "kroa" or "kark" also a hollow "krong" or wooden Kluk". Song is a soft ventiloqual chatter with mimicry.


Very varied insects , worms , snails, invertbrates , carrion scraps


Very varied ranging from deciduous to coniferouss woodlands , steppes , rocky coasts, mountains, arctic tundra

When Does the Raven Breed ?

Feb to May, 3 - 6 eggs , incubation 21 -22 days, young fledge in about 40 days . Large nest of twigs.