Nightingale Luscinia megarhynchos

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AKA: Common nightingale; Rufous nightingale

What Doese The Nightingale look Like ?

Upperparts, wings and tail reddish brown , under parts paler brown. Long Legged . Inconspicuous. Nightingales are larger slightly than robins, with a robust, broad-tailed, rather plain brown appearance.The are long legged and hop with leaps and bopunds wagging their tail. They are secretive and extremely local in their distribution in the UK while in much of southern Europe, they are common and more easily seen. The song is high quality, a fast succession of high, low and rich notes matched by few species.

How Big Is It?

Aprox 16 cm, weighing 22 g

Where does it live?

When does it Breed ?

May to June , 4 - 6 eggs, Incubation 13 - 14 days , young fledging at 11 days, Nest on Ground.

What does it sound like?

A rich, mellow and loud song; a soft 'hweet' call