Marsh Harrier Circus aeruginosis

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48 - 55 cm 400 - 800 g

What Does a Marsh harrier Look like ?

Females are larger than males and have obvious creamy heads and shoulders with a dark line through the eye. Males have a rusty brown body darker on the back with shading to light buff on the head and broad grey band running accross the upper wings. In flight it can be recognised by its long tail as it glides with a shallow "V" , wavering. Similar to a buzzard but slimmer with more pointed wings

Where does it live?

Swamps and marshes with extensive reed beds

What does it eat?

Fish, frogs Worms, insects, birds , rodents and small hares.

When does it Breed ?

April to June , 4 - 5 eggs, Incubation 31 - 38 days , young fledging at 38 to 40 days,Nest on ground in reeds


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