Long Eared Owl (Asio otus)

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AKA: Long Eared Owl

How Big Is it ?Aprox 36 cm, weighing 280 g

What Does Long Eared Owl look Like ?Smaller and slimmer than the Tawny Owl . Long featehered ears , irange - yellow eyes, conspicuous well defined facial disk. Plumage resembles the colour of bark.. The female is often darker than the male. Active at night and dusk in winter sometimes n groups





Where does it live?Woodland on the edge of open country

When does it Breed ?March to June , 3 - 6 eggs, Incubation 27 - 28 days , young leave nest at 18 - 25 days fledgie fromn 30 days, Usually nests i n Trees in abandoned crows nests.

Where to see itFound on farmland with wooded hills, moorland and in more arable areas to the east where it is spreading. Look for birds soaring over wooded hillsides in fine weather, or perched on fence posts and pylons.

What does it eat?Mostly field mice , shrews, birds

What does it sound like?Alarm call " uek " , sometimes a hissing " khviiu " Male song a muffled "huh" Young a " stsieh "

When to see itAll year round. Birds soar, display and call most in spring.

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