Little Bunting (Emberiza pusilla)

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How Big Is It ?

Aprox 13 cm, weight g

What Does The Litltle Bunting Look Like ?

This is the smallest european Bunting Male has a chestnut crown stripe broadly edged with black and black bordered chestnut ear coverts. upper parts brown streaked with white under parts and streaks of black on breast. Nopustachial streaks black . white outer tail feathers . Female similar but duller juveniles dulleragain but streaked

Many thanks to Sue Tranter

Where does it live?

Tundra scrub , Mountain Tundra esprecially near water or in birch growth in marshy lowlands

When does it Breed ?

4 - 5 eggs, Nests on the ground in depressions among bushes nest lined with moss fine grass etc

Where to see it


What does it eat?


What does it sound like?

A robin like tick. Song brief and musical with a robin like quality.

When to see it

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