Linnet ( Carduelis carabina)

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How Big Is the Linnet ?

Aprox 13.5 cm weighing 19 g

What Do Linnets look Like ?

Forecrown and breast red.Chin whitish , black red brown. In winter only the breast remains pale red. Female and young birds lacking red streaked . Sociaable birds fklocking in winter.


Where does it live?

Farmland with copses and hedges , large gardens , and parks

When Do They Breed ?

April to August , 4 - 6 Eggs , Incubation 12 - 13 days , Young fledging in 11 - 16 Days. 2 - 3 broods per year. Nests in busjes usually in loose groups

Where to see it

What does it eat?


What does it sound like?

Flight song " gegege " alarm cal nasal "dieh" or " diiuh " Song melodic nasal twittering.

When to see it

All year round.