Kestrel ( Falco tinnunculus)

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What Does it Look Like ?

The male has a crown and cheeks of blue grey, black rufous with broad black spots, the tail in the male is ash grey in colour. The female head and back cinamon withtail red brown banded

How Big is it ?

34 cm, aprox 150 -280 g

What does it Sound like ?

A long kikikikikikik when near a nest and a long whimpering vriiiiiiih

Where does thie Kestrel it live?

A common bird of prey , which is a familiar sight with its pointed wings and long tail, hovering beside a roadside verge. Kestrels are placed pn the Amber List. and have been recently declining as a result of habitat degradation due to intensive agriculture

Kestrels are seen and found in a wide variety of habitats, from moor and heath, to farmland and urban areas. The only places they do not favour are dense forests, vast treeless wetlands and mountains. They are a familiar sight, hovering beside a motorway, or other main road. They can often be seen perched on a high vantage point such as tree branch, or o post or wire, on the look out for prey.

They have adapted man-made environments and can survive right in the centre of cities.In urban environs they will feed over parks and gardens. Kestrels nest either in holes or on ledges. They frequently use man-made sites Eg Tall buildings, church spires and other locations like pylons, cranes etc

What does it eat?

Mice, Yound Birds , insects