House Sparrow (Rasser domesticus)

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A bird which has declined . This bird is Noisy and gregarious, tand readily utilise domestic rubbish rubbish and waste. The House Sparrow have even managed to colonise most of the world. An opportunist perhaps, but now struggling to survive in the UK along with many other once common birds. The decline in both gardens and the wider countryside have placed on the Red List. Perhaps due to decreasing sub urban greenery or other habitat

Where does it live?


Towns, villages, parks, gardens and industrial areas - usually nests on buildings holes and crevices, in creepers, trees and bushes and also in nestboxes.


In winter it can be found in large flocks in farmland fields. They gather in trees and hedgerows and often roost communally in ivy-covered walls.

Where to see it

Found from the centre of cities to the farmland of the countryside, it feeds and breeds near to people. Vanishing from the centre of many cities, but not uncommon in most towns and villages. It is absent from parts of the Scottish Highlands and is thinly distributed in most upland areas.
What does it eat?

Seeds and opportunistic scraps

What does it sound like?

Chirping and chirruping

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When to see it

All year round

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