Herring Gull ( Larus argentatus)

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22 - 26 " (55 - 66 cm)


Back and wings silver grey with black wing tips with white mirrors. Bill yellow with large red spot on tip. Legs of NW Europaen birs are flesh coloured. In other races they can be yellow . The female is smaller than the male


Herring, Shellfish, Small Mammals and other Birds Carrion and Refuse , opportunistic feeder .Has a red spot on the parents bill which yound birs peck on to stimulate the regurgation of food


All types of Coast and water close to the coast. Typically heard on our Coatal Towns

When Does the Herring Gull Breed ?

April to June, 2 - 3 eggs , incubation 26 -30 days, young fledge in 5 - 6 weeks . Nests on ground..