Green Woodpecker (Picus viridis )

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The green woodpecker is the largest of the 3 British woodpeckers that breeding in this country. It has a heavy-looking body, short tail and a strong, long bill. It is greeny-grey on its upperparts with a bright green rump and red on the top of its head. They have an undulating flight. They are elusive birds and climb up tree trunks and branches and will move around to be on the side away from anyone watching.

Where does it live?

Found mainly in broad-leaved (deciduous)woodland where it nests in mature trees in the bottom of a specially dug out hole on the trunk or a main branch. Will use mature conifers occasionally.
Individuals seldom move far from their original nest site, although young birds may disperse in autumn and winter to feeding areas away from woods and trees.

Where to see it

Mostly a lowland species that breeds in open deciduous woodland, parks, orchards and farmland in England, Wales and Scotland, although absent from the far north and west and not in N Ireland. Not totally arboreal and will be seen feeding on heaths, downland and pasture.

What does it eat?

Insects, especially ants

What does it sound like?

Call is a ringing, laughing ‘peeu, peeu, peeu’

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When to see it

All year round.

Similar species

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