Greenshank ( Tringa nebularia )

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What does the Greenshank Look Like ?

As the name suggests this is a large wader with green legs and a plae appearance. The bill is slighly up turned . Its upper parts are grey brown and the neck and head more darly streaked . The sexes look alike , it is generally a shy nervous bird which is wary

How Big Is It ?

Aprox 31 cm, weighing 200 g


Where does it live?



When does it Breed ?

May to July , 4 eggs, Incubation 23 - 25 days , young fledging at 28 - 30 days, Nests on the ground in a "Scrape"

Where to see it

Moorland Heaths, Lichen covered uplands close to water , When migrating close to water along rivers , lakes , coastal flats

What does it eat?

Worms , Crustaceans, Aquatic Insects , Fish

What does it sound like?


A loud ringing " Kyuukyuukyuuk " with a male song flight of piping aloud "tiu-i"

When to see it


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