Great Tit ( Parus major )

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The largest UK tit - green and yellow with a striking glossy black head with white cheeks and a distinctive two-syllable song. It is a woodland bird which has readily adapted to man-made habitats to become a familiar garden visitor. It can be quite aggressive at a birdtable, fighting off smaller tits. In winter it joins with blue tits and others to form roaming flocks which scour gardens and countryside for food.

Where does it live?

Open deciduous woodland, conifer woodlands, hedgerow trees, parkland and gardens. Needs suitable mature trees with nestholes, although will use nestboxes.
Same as breeding habitats, although some birds may leave higher ground in the north of the UK, going to lower, more sheltered valleys.

Where to see it

Woodlands, parks and gardens across the UK. Absent only from the Northern and Western Isles of Scotland.

What does it eat?

Insects, seeds and nuts.

What does it sound like?

Song a repeated 'tee-cher tee-cher'. Many calls.

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When to see it

All year round

Similar species

Blue tit, Coal tit