Garden Warbler (Sylvia borin)

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Aprox 14 cm, weighing 20 g.

What Does The garden Warbler Look Like ?

A plain warbler with no distinguishing features . Uniform olive brown wiyth pale under parts . Sexes similar. It likes the cover of trees and bushes and may be more difficult to see than the related blackcap. Contrary to its name it is not really a garden bird, except in mature gardens next to woods. Its song is similar to that of a blackcap, but has longer mellow phrases.


Where does it live?

Likes woodland with mainly deciduous species and an open canopy and plenty of open areas. Needs dense ground cover for nesting. On farmland it likes small copses and areas of hawthorn or blackthorn.

When does it Breed ?

May to July , 4 - 5 eggs, Incubation 11 - 13 days , young fledging at 10 to 12 days, Nests in Bramble and nettle patches.


Where to see it

Deciduous and mixed woodland and woodland edges, with glades, rides and other open areas. Especially likes coppiced woodland. Sometimes in farmland hedgerows. It is commonest in England, Wales and S Scotland.

What does it eat?
Insects , spidersand berries

What does it sound like?

A sweet warbling song; call a hard 'tacc tacc'

Click on this link to hear a garden Warbler

When to see it

It starts to arrive in late April and May and leaves in mid-July. Migrants can be seen through August and September when Continental birds can be seen along the east and south coasts.

Similar species

Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Reed warbler