Dunlin (Calidris alpina)

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What Does the Dunlin look Like ?

A wader Upper parts brown black , marked with rufous underparts with a black patch on the belly.Beak Curved downward toward tip.It probes vigorously in mud, sociable bird , flying in a tight formatiin

How big Is it ?

Aprox 17 -19 cm, weighing 45 -65 g

Where Does It Live?

Arctic Tundra , Coastal meadows , marshes , on migartion mainly mud flats

What does It Eat ?

Insects , Small Molluscs , Lugworms

When does it Breed ?

April to July , 4 eggs, Incubation 20 - 22days , young fledging at 19 to 22 days, Nests hidden in vegetation