Dotterel (Charadrius morinellus)

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How Big Is It ?

Aprox 20-22 cm, weight 100 - 120 g

What Does The Dotterel Look Like ?

The upper flanks of this bird are coloured slate grey and pale mottled. with white chest band, throat and eyestripe, It has White stripes over the eye meeting on the Nape and also has a lateral White breast band.. In non-breeding plumage much paler. The female is a little larger than the male and often has more thrusty movemnet.Adults have largely grey-brown upperparts the latter contrasting with a dark cap.

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Where does it live?

Arctic Tundra , Mountain Tundra , farm land Steppes on migration

When does it Breed ?

May to July , 3 eggs, Incubation 25 - 27 days , young fledging at 26 to 30 days, Nests on hollows in the ground

Where to see it

In Britain May - October. Dotterel arrive from mid-April to mid-May and leave breeding areas in July and August. Autumn passage birds are usually seen in August and September.

What does it eat?

Insects , Spiders , Worms , Insects and Snails

What does it sound like?

Soft " driew driew " or "piew piew" Courtship song repeated " pit pit "

When to see it

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