Cuckoo (Cuculuus canorus)

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How Big is It ?

Aprox 33 cm . 110 g , almot duck sized

What does the Cuckoo Look Like ?

At a quick glance feathers resemble sparrow hawk but wings are moe pointed and tail longer. under part barring in the male extends only to upper breast in the female further to chin , females go through a reddish rusty phase change . Upper parts of yound birds scaly. A solitary bird flies with shallow wing beats , silhouette falcon like



Where does it live?

In most habitats especially farmeland wit hedges and woodland margins

What does it eat?

Mainly caterpilars including hairy caterpillars

What does it sound like?

" Kuck kuck "

What are its Breeding Habits ?

May to July, Parsitic Nester , only one egg in each host nest , usually passerines where the host eggs are ejected , 5 - 11 eggs , incubation 11 - 13 days , young birds fledging at 19 - 24 days .

When to see it

In Britain April - September

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