Corn Bunting Millaria callandra

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What does the Corn Bunting LooK Like ?

Sticky , plump bird with stout bill , inconspicuous plumagen similar to a lark , no white on wings tail etc , sexes similar , ground forager singing from perches

How Big Is It ?

Aprox 18 cm, weighing 50 g

Where does it live?

Open dry farmland especially with isolated bushes an trees



When does it Breed ?

May to August, 3 - 5 eggs, Incubation 12 - 14 days , young fledging at 9 to 14 days, One to Two Broods per Year . Nests on the ground.



Where to see it

What does it eat?

Green Plant material Seeds

What does it sound like?

When to see it


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