Comorant (Phalocrocorax carbo)

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What does the Look Like ?

This large black bird has a large hooked beak with white chin and cheeks It has also a white patch on the thigh..With head and bill angled upward in a characteristic poise. In the brreding period the plumage has a bronze like appearance. Sexes similar

How Big Is It ?

Aprox 90 cm, weighing 2.5 kg

Where does it live?

A seashore bird, large lakes , coasts

When does it Breed ?

Aprilto July , 3- 5 eggs, Incubation 23 - 29 days , young fledging at 47 - 50 days, Nests in colonies on cliff , rocks and trees

Where to see it
What does it eat?

What does it sound like?

"Khro""Khro" "Krao"

When to see it

Trough out the year in Britain Jan- Dec

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