Common Gull (Larus canus)

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41 cm 360 g


Smaller than the Herring Gull, head roundish beak and legs greenish Yellow .eyes dark. Sexes similar. Young with grey brown upperparts.broad black terminal tail band.

Where Does The Common Gull Live ?

Sea Coast and waters close to coast, inland lakes and fields

What does the Common Gull Eat ?

Insects, Invertebrates Fish ,mice, Carrion and waste

What doe it sound like

Higher and shriller than the sinilar Herring Gull " giya giya" e- e- eiie eiie" "kyau"

When Does the Common Gull Breed ?

May to July, 3 eggs , incubation 24 -28 days, young fledge in 5 weeks . Nests on ground..