Common (Buzzard Buteo buteo)

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AKA: Common buzzard

What Does The Buzzard look Like ?

The commonest UK bird of prey, Plumage is variable from dark Brown to white it is quite large with broad, rounded wings, and a short neck and tail. which is broadly spread when in flight When gliding and soaring it will often hold its wings in a shallow 'V'. It is variable in colour from all dark brown to birds with pale heads and breasts, all have dark wingtips and an unbanded tail.

How Big Is it ?

Aprox 51 -56 cm, weighing 600 -1300 g

Where does it live?

Likes trees and hilly crags for nesting with open farmland and moorland nearby to feed over.


When does it Breed ?

April to July , 2 - 3 eggs, Incubation 33 - 35 days , young fledging at 50 to 55 days, Usually nests i n Trees .

Where to see it

Found on farmland with wooded hills, moorland and in more arable areas to the east where it is spreading. Look for birds soaring over wooded hillsides in fine weather, or perched on fence posts and pylons.

What does it eat?

Small mammals, birds and carrion.

What does it sound like?

A loud 'mewing' call - 'pee-uuu' or cat like " Hi eeh"

When to see it

All year round. Birds soar, display and call most in spring.

Similar Birds

Honey buzzard, Golden eagle