Bittern (Botaurus stellarus)

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76 cm (30”) 1.2 kg


Large stocky heron with thick neck. . Plumage yellow and brown , with banded and dark stripes . Black crown with white throat. This reed coloured plumage makes it admirably adapted for stalking through the reed bed. Sexes similar. When scared or frightened it will adopt a pose , pointing its head and bill sharply upward in a classic stance.

Where Does The Bittern Live ?

Found in wetlands and marshes with extensive reedbeds.

What does it eat ?

Fish Amphibians , Leeches , Molluscs and aquatic insects.

What Does The Bittern Sound Like ?

The birds booming song is often likened to the sound produced by blowing across an empty bottle or a distant foghorn " iu vump "

When does it Breed ?

March to May , 3 - 6 eggs, Incubation 25 - 26 days , young fledging at 14 to 20 days, A flat nest in reeds.